About Us

Having mustered a versatile experience in travel & tourism we offer an immaculate service for outbound travelers, inbound tourists. Our primary objective is to keep up with the individual priorities of each traveler and thereby earning their trust and confidence. We are equipped with unsurpassed opportunities and complete travel / consultancy solutions for people of all hues and interests. We are dedicated to being a service-oriented organization and aiming to provide each client with a travel / consultancy experience they will never forget.

We provide trouble free travel environment; we believe that an essential factor in gaining the most out of one’s travel experience is the knowledge that travel arrangements have been made with comfort and safety in mind. We trust that once our guests share the many exciting experiences with us that travel in Pakistan provides, they will come back again and again.

Area of Expertise; we are not a specific tour oriented company but Our goal is to share with you the wonders of our country which experienced travelers from all over the world have claimed to be heaven on earth. We are handling Trekking, mountaineering, cross country skiing, white water rafting, mountain and desert jeep safaris, camel safari, Boat Safari in Indus and yak safaris, trout fishing and bird watching etc. For cultural experience of Pakistan we are handling in fascinating kaleidoscope of Sufi shrines, medieval forts, spectacular Mughal architecture as well as the world renowned Qawali musical performances in Lahore, in awe of the Greco-Bactrian heritage of the Indus River valley that was once crossed by Alexander the Great creating a bridge between East and West.

Quality of Services; we take pride in our high quality personalized services with our professional and friendly approach that provides a well organized and enjoyable trip to Pakistan going beyond the standard travel itinerary, enabling all those who travel with us to gain a deeper insight into the land and its people.

Our Staff; An important aspect of our success is our team of reliable and professional field staff having leadership skills and office management, who work side by side with our representative around the world ensuring that everything runs smoothly and efficiently.